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Dominique Cornin

Dominique Cornin

Dominique Cornin Dominique Cornin Dominique Cornin Dominique Cornin Dominique Cornin

Description of the domain:

Our estate stretches over about ten hectares around the village of Chaintré. We work the estate in accordance with biodynamic principles. Our primary objective is to produce healthy grapes, thanks to the living soils, while having the least possible environmental impact. All the ground on the estate is tilled, and hence synthetic weed-killers prohibited. In this way, the space between rows is left grassed, and we work the balk mechanically using inter-vine tools. To us, the soil activity is essential so that the potential of the terroirs is able to express itself. Following picking by hand, the grapes are carefully loaded into the pneumatic press. This will press them slowly so as to preserve the finesse and elegance of the wines. Then the fermentations take place naturally, thanks to the natural yeasts present on the grapes. Lastly, we do our own bottling on the estate. In this way, we can check all the key parameters. This way of working not only allows the grapes to express themselves without distortion, but also makes it possible to reveal the quintessence of each terroir.

Our naming:

  • Beaujolais Blanc
  • Mâcon Chaintré
  • Mâcon Chanes
  • Pouilly Fuissé
  • Saint-Véran

Contact information

Savy le Haut 71570 Chaintré dominique@cornin.net www.cornin.net Tél : +33(0) Fax : +33(0)

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