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Domaine du Clos des Rocs

Domaine du Clos des Rocs Olivier Giroux

Domaine du Clos des Rocs Domaine du Clos des Rocs Domaine du Clos des Rocs

Description of the domain:

Purchased in 2002 by Olivier Giroux, the Domaine du Clos des Rocs includes 8.8 hectares of vines, six of which are planted in Pouilly-Loché. The name of the estate comes from a 3.5 hectare plot operated as a "monopoly" at a place called "Les Mûres". The winemaker waited almost 10 years before applying for the organic label, although the conversion started formally in 2006. Olivier was quickly convinced that this approach was the best way to express the full potential of each plot on the estate.

The property is split by a fault line – on one side the alluvial land produces the "4 Seasons" and on the other, plots planted on Jurassic limestone yield selections such as Mûres and Le Clos des Rocs Monopole. Working the soil so as to aerate and weed it, applying treatments made from sulfur, copper and products borrowed from biodynamic agriculture, and observing lunar cycles – all these things help the vines defend themselves, and generate grapes whose origins carry over into the wine. The sole objective is to give pleasure to wine lovers.

Our naming:

  • Pouilly Fuissé
  • Pouilly-Loché

Contact information

Clos des Rocs 71000 Loché vin@closdesrocs.fr www.closdesrocs.fr Tél : Fax :

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