Les Artisans Vignerons de Bourgogne du Sud
Clos des vignes du Maynes

Clos des vignes du Maynes Julien Guillot

Description of the domain:

Enclosed in 910 by the monks from Cluny Abbey, this 6.6 ha terroir has been cultivated organically since 1954, and using biodynamics since 1998, by the Guillot family, who hold the monopoly on it. The Chardonnay expresses the minerality of these shallow soils (50 cm), rich in crystals of limestone: ARAGONITE On this terroir rich in manganese, the small-fruited Gamays give a concentrated wine: MANGANITE The Pinot Fin vines planted in 1950 offer a fine, elegant Burgundy red dominated by peppery rose and peony. Purity, elegance, and honesty are the three adjectives that often characterize the wines from the ‘Clos des vignes du Maynes’.

Our naming:

  • Bourgogne rouge
  • Fine de bourgogne
  • Mâcon Cruzille blanc
  • Mâcon Cruzille rouge
  • Marc de bourgogne
  • Méthode traditionnelle

Contact information

Rue des Moines Sagy 71260 Cruzille info@vignes-du-maynes.com www.vignes-du-maynes.com Tél : +33(0) Fax : +33(0)

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