Les Artisans Vignerons de Bourgogne du Sud


Most of us have already known each other for many years, so it was only natural that we should come together to join the G.E.S.T. (Groupement d’Etude et de Suivi des Terroirs = Terroir Study & Monitoring Group) association, founded in Côte d’Or in 1995 and extended to the Mâcon wine-growing region in 2000. All of us were well aware of the importance of the soil in producing a quality wine that will be characteristic of its terroir. The G.E.S.T. has supported us in our deliberations on the organic and cultivation management of our soils so as to ensure their perpetuation and to draw the best from them.

Just as naturally, once other wine-growers joined our Mâcon wine-growing region G.E.S.T., it was decided in 2004 to form an association that would enable us to offer our wines for tasting, as well as maintaining background discussions on our wine-growing practices.

In this way the “Master Wine-growers of South Burgundy” association was formed on 13th February 2004, with 14 vineyards or wine-producers as members.

Since 2005, we have been holding annual trade wine-tasting events: in Beaune (Cellier de la Cabiote), Paris (la Péniche, le Macéo), Lyon (Cour des Loges), and Nice.

Since 2007, a new event aimed at both the wine trade and aficionados alike has been held each year in November at the Château d’Hurigny, 6[nbsp]km outside Mâcon. In parallel with these tasting events, we are continuing our meetings in the field and our exchanges on wine-growing practices.

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