Les Artisans Vignerons de Bourgogne du Sud
Domaine De Chervin

Domaine De Chervin Bruno Goyard

Description of the domain:

Here at the Domaine de Chervin, we always till the vineyards so as to optimize the micro-organic life in the soil, and in this way allow the plants to extract everything they need to thrive without the need to add synthetic fertilizer. We also make it our duty to pick the whole of our harvest by hand, so that the grapes arrive in the cellar with the best possible freshness, which, combined with low yields, makes it possible to obtain white and red wines that are balanced, complex, and able to age well for a good ten years, or even longer. In the winery, where each plot is vinified in separate vats, the natural fermentation, without added yeasts but at controlled temperatures, further optimizes the development of the aromas and gives fat, complex white wines. The Viré-Clessé shows itself perfectly at home even with foie gras and cheeses. The red wines benefit from a long stay in the vat, which, combined with the nature of our soils, gives structured, supple wines that reach full maturity in around 4–5 years—depending on the year—and are able to keep well beyond that. In four words, at the Domaine de Chervin: WE CULTIVATE OUR DIFFERENCE

Our naming:

  • Mâcon Burgy blanc
  • Mâcon Burgy rouge
  • Viré-Clessé

Contact information

Domaine de chervin 71260 Burgy goyard@orange.fr (en cour) Tél : +33(0) Fax : +33(0)

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